About us


If you're like us, you might have gotten just a little bit used to spending all your time at home this past year, and decided that it's your favorite place on earth. (And what could be better than that?) That's why we hand-selected our high-quality products — to help you make your home a paradise where you LOVE spending time. Elysium Abode is a woman-owned brand born out of 2020, the year we all spent so much time at home and rediscovered its comforts and delights. We offer curated home goods to help make your home your very own paradise, surrounded by comfort, warmth, beauty, and family. After all, home is the best place on earth. 

You will feel amazing after spending just one night on one of our signature silk pillowcases. This is the product we launched with, and we could rave about them all day long. We truly feel that you will wake even more lovely after sleeping on one, and believe that you will fall in love with your pillowcase and live happily ever after. In fact, we're so sure of this that if you're not wild about your pillowcase after 100 nights, we will buy it back from you (see our refund policy for details).

As a small business we strive to provide exceptional customer service and hope to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with those who shop with us. Feel free to contact us anytime at hello@shopelysiumabode.com and begin a conversation!


We are committed to sourcing high quality, sustainably produced products, and work with environmentally responsible manufacturers to ensure that they meet compliance standards limiting potentially harmful chemicals. Our heirloom-quality products are meant to be used for a very long time, and we work to source low-waste packaging that has multiple uses.


We feel deeply about helping those in need, and a portion of every purchase is donated to foundations making the world a better place for the less fortunate. We will soon be announcing a partnership with one of our favorite charities - sign up for our newsletter for the updates!